COVID-19’s Burden on Healthcare

Since late 2019, one country at a time, the world fell victim to the most crippling threat we have ever experienced. All sectors and industries were affected, some more than the other. Shortly after this life-threatening virus made its presence known, the health sector started to undergo immense pressure.

The Onset

Yes, the healthcare industry is usually a busy, bustling, and stressful area; however, COVID-19 brought a new meaning to all of that. The virus attacked all. It had primarily those persons with underlying conditions and the elderly getting hospitalized in record numbers.

Those who did not get hospitalized crowded the emergency and outpatient departments. This meant that persons with non-emergent issues would either have an extensive wait time or would not be seen by the doctor. Whatever the case, it was highly inconvenient.

What About Our Protection?

For months this continued, and eventually, the healthcare facilities began to run short on personal protective equipment (PPE). As such, many care providers on the frontline started to fear for their safety. It had a real physical and psychological impact on healthcare staff, and some began to step away from the frontline. This phenomenon, unfortunately, worsened the care situation for patients and meant that more pressure would be added to the remaining staff.

It’s now been well over a year since the first coronavirus case was identified, and many countries are still struggling to get a grip of this virus. Scores of healthcare providers have endured burnout and other conditions as a result, and so many persons have lost their lives to this mammoth of a virus. I offer my sincere condolences to those who have lost loved ones. As a world, we must keep fighting. The next hurdle is global vaccination, and we will overcome it!

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